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My name is Teariki-Maeva and I am your Sacred Polynesian Ura/Ori (dance) facilitator and guide. I am an island womban. I am here to ignite, inspire and initiate women worldwide to immerse themselves and expand into the safeness of their embodiment and their truest expression.

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PRIORITY ACCESS TO ME for questions and assistance with your dance journey.

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to endless pre recordings, a sacred space to receive tips, tools, resources, support and sisterhood.

RECEIVE CONSTANT ACTIVATIONS through Polynesian dance from a holistic approach.

An intentional space created for like minded hearts and hips to connect and celebrate dance, breath and authentic expression!



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An Immersive Cultural Experience.

Learn, understand, embody & birth the foundations of Polynesian dance through you!

Unlock your hips with me whilst in Paradise. Complete your holiday on Rarotonga by connecting to Polynesian dance and culture.

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Sacred Ura - ALIVE In Your Heart Through Polynesian Dance

Three paths to explore:

Course 1 - Te Matangi (The Wind)

Taking our first breath of  dance into our spirit,  initiating rites of passage. 

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Course 2 - Te Enua (The Earth)

We dance deeper within our bodies as we ground into Earth & body.

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Course 3 Masterclass - Te Ahi (The Fire)

Breakthroughs occur as we build strength in the core, legs, heart, spirit, & intuition ignites into the hips.

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ALIVE in your heart through Polynesian dance

Grant yourself permission to dance every day. It is possible! Movement is your birthright!

Liberate your hips, attend to your needs and live anchored into your truth by tuning more into YOU as you learn Polynesian dance.

My offerings are suited to anyone wanting to birth movement through their hips. They are for anyone open to learning Polynesian dance as a healing modality. Dance is medicine, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Dance with me

My Sacred Ura offerings are designed to build your skills and expand your pleasure for movement and dance.

All courses include video sessions that are self-paced for you to go at the speed that feels aligned with you and your journey.

Build the foundation with Course 1

Te Matangi (The Wind) invites you back to the beginning, your first home, taking your first breath into the essence of your womb to elevate body awareness.

Course 1 teaches you the first foundational techniques necessary in Polynesian Ura/Ori (dance).

No experience required. 

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Continue to build your confidence & skills with Course 2

Te Enua (The Earth) allows the trust within self to expand as we tune more into our bodies to enhance deeper grounding to birth balance through our dance form.

Course 2 builds on the skills taught in Course 1 and continues to develop your ability by expanding into variations of the foundational techniques.

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Master and flow with Course 3 - Masterclass

Te Ahi (The Fire) allows you to feel the fire of the lower chakras activate. It allows you to take flight by bringing together the foundational techniques  integrated in Courses 1 & 2. We have fun with transitions, combos, flow and drills to bring the fun through the fire within.

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What others have experienced with Sacred Ura! 


"This course changed my life. I have felt profound shifts from reconnecting to my body in such a joyful, loving, container. Everyday was a blessing spent moving my hips and reconnecting to these ancient medicine ways of the woman. It was exactly the medicine I needed and I released so much through this dance that I believe it to be one of the fundamental practices of wombanhood we need everyday in our life."


"Before dancing, I noticed that I hold a lot of trauma in my hips. I now feel sexier in my body and love the body that I’ve been blessed to live in and care for. The movements taught by Maeva were exhilarating and freeing of these traumas. I can’t go a day without wanting to move my hips, and because I’m developing into a more confident woman, I acknowledge the need to move and I get to it! Thank you so much for creating this for women like myself to be free, sexy, confident and full."


"Thank you for this time and this container, this Union, this medicine, this open sharing and generous abundant flow of love, information and sisterhood! It has been amazing to tune in daily  with medicine sisters, with you and your movement, your Medicine and your innate wisdom. Thank you for being so present, so giving and so softly accountable … so clear. "

Kia Orana!

I’m Teariki-Maeva, a Polynesian Ura/Ori (dance) guide, and island womban. 

Dance is a reflection of the connection to your body. I am here to create an intentional, integrative, playful and sensual container for the Divine Feminine’s journey inward. I am honored to create a sacred space for your divine expansion into your hips and heart.


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New here? Begin at Course 1.

Choose Course 3 Masterclass if you've completed Courses 1 and 2, or if you're an experienced dancer and have danced with Maeva already.

All courses include video sessions that are self-paced for you to go at the speed that feels aligned with you and your journey.


Course 1 - Te Matangi


Valued at $1,111

  • Learn the foundational shapes of Polynesian dance
  • Build your fitness & flexibility
  • Release stagnant energy
  • Heart activation & rememberance
  • Build confidence through sacral activation
  • Activate your sensuality & sexuality
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Course 2 - Te Enua


Valued at $1,111

  • Create more technical shapes
  • Learn advanced variations of foundational shapes
  • Learn advanced foot placement & toe execution
  • Learn to confidently shift within shapes 
  • Embrace your sensuality 
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Course 3 Masterclass - Te Ahi


Valued at $1,111

  • Create combinations of the foundational techniques
  • Learn 3 new techniques
  • Confidently transition & flow between techniques  
  • Focus on form, execution & embodiment
  • Build speed, stamina and fitness
  • Dance from your heart & feel the fire ignite within
  • Experience deep sacral activation
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